» » Видеорегистратор everfocus ecor264 16x1

Видеорегистратор everfocus ecor264 16x1

Видеорегистратор Everfocus ECOR264-9

No part of the contents of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the Everfocus Electronics Corporation.

Видеорегистратор everfocus ecor264 16x1

This could permanently damage the appliance. Turn the power off immediately and contact qualified service personnel for service.

Видеорегистратор everfocus ecor264 16x1

To prevent electric shock, do not remove screws or covers. Do not use liquid cleaners, abrasive or aerosol cleaners. The information in this manual was current upon publication.

EVERFOCUS ECOR264-16X1 инструкция по эксплуатации

The manufacturer reserves the right to revise and improve his products. Therefore, all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Видеорегистратор everfocus ecor264 16x1

Manufacturer is not responsible for misprints or typographical errors. Please read this manual carefully before installing and using this unit.

How to Cable a CCTV surveillance Camera Power Supply

Be sure to keep it handy for later reference. Comprehensive features and extended event recording settings enable the almost universal application of this DVR. Take a moment to learn where the keys are as the remainder of the manual will refer to them often. Receiver for IR remote control.

Press this key to switch between 4x, PiP Picture In Picture ,full screen, 9x, 10x, 13x and 16x.

Видеорегистратор everfocus ecor264 16x1

PIP display is not available in playback mode. Press this key to enter the auto sequential switching mode.

Видеорегистратор everfocus ecor264 16x1

Press this key to switch display of channels and status bar. This is done through the rear panel. Used for external SATA HDD bay. Hot-swappable model does not support eSATA. Main monitor for live and playback display and on-screen display. Main monitor - connect a VGA monitor to the VGA output connection. VGA resolution is x RG, RG-6, RG with BNC connectors.

Видеорегистратор everfocus ecor264 16x1

RG , or 75 ohm foil shield antenna cable and other types of coaxial cable are not compatible. All connected video sources must provide a 1 Vpp NTSC or PAL standard video signal. Normal Open contact Alarm input with N.

Normal Closed contact in idle state in idle state All settings are programmed in the ALARM menu Section 0.


Output relay in idle state 1. Improper RS bus star wiring An EDAA RS signal distributor may be used to use a star wiring configuration.

EverFocus ECOR264-16

Star wiring with RS signal distributor A RS distributor can also be used to increase the maximum number of devices on the bus as well as the total range. EDAA signal distributors are unidirectional! This means that the signal only flows from the input towards the outputs.